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Founded in 1960 as part of what was then the University of Mechanical Engineering of Liberec, the Faculty of Textile Engineering offers courses exploring the field of textile technologies, marketing and design. It is the only faculty in the Czech Republic to provide university-level qualifications across the entire range of textile courses, and its distinct scientific and research direction reaches beyond the borders of the EU as well as the Czech Republic.


  • Is a centre for education, independent learning and creative work, and plays a key role in the cultural, social and economic development of society in the spirit of § 1 of the Act on Higher Education Institutions;
  • Provides education through a range of study programmes related to textile materials and technologies in Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD courses;
  • Runs its courses relying on qualified and highly motivated academic staff and PhD students;
  • Offers a creative environment based on collaboration among experts whose competence spans a wide range of engineering and artistic fields;
  • Focuses on scientific and research work while honouring the inseparability of education from research and science;
  • Is involved in international collaboration including instruction in foreign languages (not only in accredited study programmes but also in custom-made lectures and courses), teacher and student mobility, courses in a foreign language and participation in international R&D projects;
  • Is a partner in collaboration in research institutions and businesses je partner;
  • Strives for high efficiency within TUL, relying on synergy processes among conveniently collaborating departments.

VISION: The FT TUL wants

  • To be an internationally recognized faculty providing elite-level Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD education in textile and other related branches.
  • Affirm its respected position among faculties specializing in research and other creative work in the Czech Republic, Europe and worldwide;
  • Enhance collaboration with industrial and other partners such as universities and other research institution in R&D and other creative activities and provide conditions for technology and knowledge transfer to society.

To do this through high-quality research and scientific work, inspiring and creative teaching and a university environment which is challenging while at the same time being open, free and kind.


The strategic objective is to maintain, confirm and develop the position of the FTE TUL as a research-oriented faculty which is among the leading global academic and research institutions from the similar field with respect to changes to the structure and direction of the textile industry in the Czech Republic and the EDA.