Design, production, modelling and analysis of linear textile structures and products

September 5th - 7th 2022


The Faculty of Textile Engineering of Technical University of Liberec was established in the year 1960. The technologies and their innovation, new concepts of modelling of fibrous assemblies and new methods for textile structure evaluation is essential part of its research activities.


The Summer School offers a small tasting of textile design, production, modelling and analysis. The main topic concentrates to linear textile structures which are a part of 2D and 3D hierarchical textile. Understanding the laws, limitations and context among the linear textile structures and their other properties allow modelling and innovation of linear products and better understanding of flat or three-dimensional fabrics produced eg. by weaving or knitting for various kinds of application.


Main aim of this Summer School is to introduce the textile structure and thanks to methods learning by doing allow the participants get to know them.

  • Getting acquainted with basic principles of spinning including the terms used for linear textile description.

  • Creation of staple yarn for standard use.

  • Design and production of linear textile for specific application.

  • Modelling of selected linear textile parameters based known theories.

  • Verification of selected properties of own prepared linear structures in laboratory.

  • Practical experience with evaluation of selected qualitative characteristics from its cross-sections and longitudinal views via Image Analysis NIS Elements.